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Here’s a list of films I’ve written about, both here and elsewhere. Many of these aren’t proper reviews. A couple are just a sentence or two quickly jotted down in Letterboxd after watching the movie. Nevertheless, I’ve included them all. For science.

7 Women

A Dangerous Method

The American


Apollo 13


Barton Fink

Behind the Candelabra

Bigger Than Life

The Blue Angel

The Butler

Breaking Bad

Captain Phillips

The Cavalry Trilogy (John Ford)

Closed Curtain

Computer Chess

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and her Lover


Days of Heaven

The Deep Blue Sea

Double Indemnity

Edge of Tomorrow

El Dorado

Film Socialisme

Frances Ha

Godzilla (2014)


The Grey

Holy Motors (and again)


Inside Llewyn Davis

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Lawrence of Arabia

Lady from Shanghai, The


The Lone Ranger

Looper (and again)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park


Man of Steel

The Master

Mikey and Nicky

Miller’s Crossing

Mission to Mars

Monkey Business

Monsieur Verdoux

Muppet Treasure Island

The Passion of Anna


Punch-Drunk Love

Quiz Show

Red Desert

Russian Ark

The Searchers

Sherlock, Jr.

Show People


Spartacus (1960)

Star Trek into Darkness



To the Wonder

There Will Be Blood

They Were Expendable

Wes Anderson’s Films

The Wolf of Wall Street

The World’s End

Young Mr. Lincoln

Zero Dark Thirty



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